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Holidays in Zante

The Greek island of Zante is a long popular holiday destination with families looking for a fun holiday for everyone, couples seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of life and young people looking to find lively nightlife and fun. All of these are on offer in Zante, depending on where you go as well as a sense of history and culture which is found in all of the Greek Islands.

Zante also boasts some natural wonders, including Caretta-Caretta, a beach where the turtles go to lay their eggs, a truly beautiful sight, we assure you. Other animals which call Zante home are the Monk Seals who give birth to their cubs in this idyllic setting.  Of course this is all further complimented by beautiful weather, a great atmosphere and a warm welcome.


Zante - Theme Parks and Attractions

Though offering no theme parks, Zante does not lack for things to do. If fun is what you seek then the Water Village is the place to visit, offering slides and chutes aplenty, guaranteed to have everyone wearing a big smile by the end of the day. For a family day out there is the Emu Zoo, a chance you’ll seldom come across in everyday life to learn everything there is to know about emus!

There are more time honoured holiday attractions available in zante too, with paintballing, water sports, horse riding and scuba diving available on different parts of the island for your enjoyment. For more leisurely pursuits there is of course the chance to laze peacefully on a beach working on that tan, a number of shopping establishments to make your credit card weep and a wide range of restaurants where you can find traditional and international cuisine galore. The busier resorts in Zante also offer some nightlife, ranging from secluded bars to rowdy nightclubs, depending on which appeals to you.


Zante - Resort Guides

The resorts in Zante differ greatly, with many quiet traditional villages, where you’ll find little more than a beach, a taverna and a bar to enjoy, perfect for those who just want a quiet place to call home for a couple of weeks.

If excitement is what you see then Laganas may be the place for you, offering a beach where you can happily spend the day lazing on the sands or even hop on a boat over to the turtle island. The resort also offers a number of shopping options, whether you want to pick up something for yourself o r gifts for those who are stuck back at home. In the evenings this resort really gets going with a number of nightclubs opening, happy to keep you entertained into the early hours of the morning.

Zante Town is also worthy of attention, offering a more cosmopolitan vibe, complete with a selection of restaurants, bars and shopping which are sure to keep you occupied during your stay. 

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