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Holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh

Known for its beautiful weather and the exotic sights and smells which greet you all around, Sharm el-Sheikh is a fantastic holiday destination for those looking for a holiday full of glorious sunshine, interesting amenities and more than a hint of luxury, wherever you go.

Sharm el-Sheikh is well known for its beautiful beaches which offer golden sands as far as the eye can see, crystal clear waters perfect for swimming, snorkelling and splashing in and world renowned SCUBA diving centres. For some fun away from the sands there is an 18 hole golf course, perfect for enjoying the weather while indulging in some leisurely exercise.

If your leisurely activities are less about your putting game and more about your shopping game then Sharm el-Sheikh has got everything you need with its own shopping centre full of trendy boutiques selling jewellery, designer clothes and even household items.

Meals are varied and exciting in Sharm el-Sheikh with international cuisine available all over the resort, pick a country and enjoy their national dishes! The evening doesn’t end after dinner though as Sharm el-Sheikh offers a wide range of entertainment including karaoke, discos, bars and music and dancing shows, something to please everyone. 

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