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Holidays in Rhodes

A holiday spent in Rhodes is certainly not a Greek tragedy, seamlessly blending together the very old and the new, this fantastic holiday destination can and will appeal to everyone. From the lively resort of Faliraki, the culture and history of Rhodes Town to the verdant hills and traditional ambience of the Greek villages, Rhodes can be suitable for all. All you need to decide is what sort of holiday you want and Rhodes can offer it to you.


Rhodes - Theme Parks and Attractions

Yes Rhodes offers the usual tourist attractions, including the water park and the aquarium but it can be so much more. For those who want to experience more than just relaxing on the beach, Rhodes has much to offer. The history and culture of Rhodes and Greece can be found at the museums which attract throngs of tourists every year.

Of course if you’re going to visit Rhodes you must make time to see the Acropolis, for those who don’t fancy the walk you can even commandeer a faithful donkey to carry you in splendour to this awe inspiring sight.

While in Rhodes you may even want to make use of the boat trips available here which can take you over to Kos, two holidays in one. The aforementioned water park, found in Faliraki is a great family day out where you can scream and shout while careening down slides and chutes and then head over to the restaurant to grab a snack and a cool drink. The aquarium, boasting sharks and other impressive specimens will keep the kids captivated. We see photos of children with their faces pressed up against the glass in awe in your future.

All this to fit in to your holiday and no mention yet of the other activities you can try such as shopping, horseback riding, Greek dancing or even the humble tanning on a beach.


Rhodes - Resort Guides

Faliraki is perhaps the most well known resort in Rhodes and it’s clear why. Now we won’t lie to you. If this is a family holiday or one where you intend to be in bed at a reasonable hour then Faliraki may not be the place for you, but with such good public transport it can be easy to reach for an extra lively day out, before heading back to the quieter areas of Rhodes for a good nights sleep. Faliraki during the day is full of things to do, we’ve already mentioned the water par but there are also plenty of bars, a long sandy beach packed full of water sports, including banana boats and pedaloes and even a fun fair in the summer months full of stomach churning rides and snacks that are only good in moderation, but moderation is a hard thing to come by in Faliraki where drinks are served in goldfish bowls, clothes and souvenirs are so cheap you have to buy more than one of each item and the clubs are open all night!

Rhodes Town is the capital of Rhodes and has much to offer the traveller, including more culture than one person could take in if they stayed all summer. First on your list has to be the museums which house fascinating exhibits which are well worth a visit. For those who want some more culture then Rhodes Town boasts a theatre which puts on shows featuring national and international performances, sure to captivate everyone, the atmosphere alone should be exciting. There is also a theatre of dance which puts on great shows where language isn’t an obstacle, just relax into your seat and let yourself get lost in the music.

If that all sounds too high brow then there’s always the cinema, the casino for those who fancy a flutter or the many traditional Greek tavernas which cook beautiful cuisine that you’ll find delectable. Imagine fresh food everyday on the terrace while the sun shines down on your glorious day.

For another family day out the Rodini Park could be a great choice, where the luscious gardens are perfect for a leisurely stroll, if you bring children with you they’ll be delighted with the peacocks which strut around the grounds proudly and the adults can just marvel at the lovingly tended plants and flowers (and perhaps make plans for a trip to a garden centre when you get home!). Your evenings in Rhodes Town should include freshly prepared meals and maybe a good glass of Retsina or Ouzo to cap off your night.

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