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Holidays in Mexico

Our American cousins have long since commandeered Mexico as their holiday destination of choice and it would seem that us Brits are finally catching on. It’s no surprise that Mexico is fast becoming such a popular holiday destination as the large resorts really do cater for tourists in every way imaginable. Purpose built resorts feature many hotels for you to choose from and couple that with amenities aplenty, including cinemas, shopping malls, water parks and a selection of bars and restaurants for you to choose from, enabling its visitors to stay onsite for the whole holiday without ever getting bored.

If you’d rather see something more of Mexico however, we recommend a visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the form of Chichen Itza, the breathtaking Mayan city which is perfect for a day out and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Of course if that all sounds like too much work more traditional pastimes are still available to you, with fine white sands and amazing azure water ready and waiting to welcome you. The beach also provides you with a number of water sports to try out, one of which is scuba diving, made ever more enjoyable by the breathtaking sights available of the coral reef. 

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