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Holidays in Luxor

Combining culture and tourist attractions, Luxor is the perfect holiday destination for those who want to experience something different this year. Forget the crowded beaches, samey food and British pubs of other destinations and instead let yourself fall in to the exotic escape which is Luxor, full of culture, history and wonder.


Luxor - Attractions

Your to do list will be extensive while visiting Luxor and atop it should be a visit to the Luxor Museum, which houses some beautiful antiquities, which include some of the items recovered from the tomb of Tutankhamun, the remains of Pharoahs and artefacts from the Temple of Karnak, a perfect way to shelter from the sweltering afternoon heat.

Daytime excursions are also a must while visiting Luxor and you can’t possibly leave before experiencing the Valley of the Kings and Queens, where some 63 tombs can be found. A World Heritage Site, the Valley of the Kings and Queens is a perfect way to let your imagination take over while gazing at the delicate etchings depicting life during a time long past. Less a holiday activity and more an Egyptian institution, a trip on the River Nile is a must on your holiday in Luxor.

Check out of your hotel and board a traditional or modern boat and sail off on one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, taking in all the sights and sites along the way. Should culture burn out occur there is still plenty to do in Luxor. One of the obligatory activities has to be experiencing the market, which are alive with the sultry smells of spices, loud stallholders hawking their wares and the lively and vibrant fabrics wafting in the breeze.

Having bartered yourself hoarse and weighed under by purchases why not head to a local bar where fragrant  teas and coffees are available, though be prepared for salesmen trying to lighten your purse a little more! As the evenings draw in Luxor offers plenty of restaurants to enjoy where the food is accompanied by talented and flexible belly dancers and live shows. 

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