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Holidays in Egypt

Long established as an exotic and lively holiday destination, Egypt is a popular place where you can enjoy your summer holidays. Part of the joy of travelling to Egypt has to be the history, which is rich and fascinating. All of this history is celebrated in the form of the Egypt Museum which is quite busy but gives you the opportunity to see Tutankhamun and some of the items he was buried with. You could also go to see the pyramids themselves and either with a guide or without amble around these awe inspiring structure, thinking back to days long gone.

Egypt doesn’t have to be all about history though as there are many opportunities for fun and laughter, with most of the activity centring around the beach. Beaches in Egypt aren’t just for lazing around though, as there are a number of activities taking place on them, including camel riding, quad biking and kite surfing. You needn’t worry about being trampled by a camel though as there is so much sand in Egypt there is more than enough to go around.

Egypts beaches are also home to some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in the world. When you get down deep in to the water, the sight of the reefs and the wrecks should have you delighted. For activity on dry land there are many shopping opportunities in Egypt ranging from luxury shopping malls, to bazaars and souks, perfect for finding a bargain or just a little window shopping.


Egypt - Theme Parks and Attractions

The attractions in Egypt are both exciting and plentiful, featuring much for the holidaymaker to do. First on your list has to be the Valley of the Kings and Queens where you’ll find the infamous tombs of the pharaohs, situated in Luxor this is a sight worth seeing. While in Luxor you might also want to take a leisurely stroll along the River Nile. Watch the boats sail by and soak up the atmosphere. For more than a couple of hours on the river you may even want to book yourself on to a Nile cruise for a couple of days.

For a day of exploration you may want to amble around the Egyptian Museum, where you can examine some of the treasure from the tombs and see Tutankhamun for yourself. The beaches are another source of activity, where visitors can try their hands at camel riding, parasailing, kite-surfing and quad biking. You could also make use of the first class diving facilities available here, diving amongst the reef and the wrecks along the sea bed. For those who fancy a bit of a flutter there is a casino in Taba where you can try your luck at many games and maybe make yourself a little extra spending money.


Egypt - Resort Guides

The most popular resort in Egypt is Sharm-El-Sheik, where there is plenty to keep the holidaymaker happy. Of course there is a long beach in Sharm, perfect for sun bathing, water sports and diving. The area also features an 18 hole golf course where the golf lovers among you can spend a peaceful day on the links. Another site of interest could be the Bedouin settlement, which with its multi coloured tents set amongst the sand is really a beautiful sight. For more traditional pursuits there is a big shopping mall in Sharm-El-Sheik which offers a variety of goods, including jewellery, designer clothes and household items.

Luxor is another resort which offers much for tourists. The area boasts a lot of culture, including the Egyptian Museum, the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the River Nile. Visitors could also enjoy bartering and shopping in the markets and bazaars where you’re sure to find a bargain. You might feel a little inundated in the market as there are many salesmen trying to secure your custom but a firm no usually signals your intent. In the evening Luxor has much to offer too as there are a number of bars offering live music and belly dancers, whilst nightclubs and discos are available for those who want to dance the night away.

Hurghada, much like the other resorts in Egypt provides a beautiful beach to enjoy and plenty of water sports, including parasailing, yachting, snorkelling and of course scuba diving. Shopping is available in excess in Hurghada with bustling bazaars and lively markets happy to offer you a bargain. Lively entertainment is offered during the evening with a number of bars and nightclubs available to keep you occupied. 

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